Springboks vs the All Blacks

Tuesday 28 July 2009
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English Rugby
Kameraad Mhambi is trying to find the time to write about the protests and Judicial hearings going on in South Africa at present. But time is scare.

I did however find the time to watch the rugby this weekend. How nice to dominate the All blacks for a change. And how nice of them to not bleat and moan as the British and Irish rugby media and players have upon loosing to the Springboks recently.

Now Kameraad Mhambi would never condone violence. And neither did our coach. He is just not always that eloquent when he speaks in English, not his mother tongue.

New symbol for South African rugby
Piet Snor, or P Divvy as he is called by some is at least (brutally) honest. There’s no carefully massaged message for the media with him. Very refreshing.
Pieter de Villiers

If we win this Saturday it will be the first back to back victory over the All Blacks for some time. Hats off to Piet Snor. Ask yourself. Would Jake White have selected Heinrich Brussow?

Anyway here is a documentary about the Springbok All Black rivalry in 6 parts. There is some particularly great footage of the 1956 tour and great interviews. Unfortunately the later history is provided in a very cursory fashion.

It’s also bit shallow on the early history. They mention the Boer war but pass on by much of its significance.

I mean imagine if the US army went into the central province of Iraq and burned down every single house, killed all livestock, and put all the women and children in concentration camps.

Prisoner of war rugby Boer
POW Camp rugby during Boer War

And as Time magazine pointed out recently, Afrikaners learned to play rugby in POW camps on islands like Saint Helena. In fact the first Springbok team to tour Britain had a number of ex POW players.

Any here’s the documentary. As you will see, rugby is definitely not ballet.

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5 Responses

  1. Brave Heart says:

    Hi there Kameraad, hoe gaan die stryd aan. Ek het lekker gekuier by Oom se Blog en sal weer kom om `n koppie moer-koffie met Oom geniet. Mag ons Bokke wen!
    Kameraad Brave Heart

  2. Welkom Kameraad Braveheart, welkom. Mag ons Bokke inderdaad wen!

    @Lilliput, very interesting photo. I think the blog on which its found is a bit over the top, but I agree with this bit:

    “Of course it’s irrelevant that the AWB never ruled the country… this sign expresses a very intense and genuine anger felt by these black voters.”

  3. Brave Heart says:

    Kameraad moet by ons kom kuier so dat ons kan gesels and koffie drink. Geniet u dag Kameraad. Die stryd gaan voort!

  4. Kameraad Mhambi says:

    Kameraad Braveheart, dankie vir die uitnodiging. Ek kom binnekort en ek maak graag so.