I’m a Ninja – Die Antwoord

Thursday 24 December 2009
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Update – video’s been removed – not sure why – will investigate.

Ying to the Yang, I hope this goes big from Benoni to Japan.

I case you wonder why I’m always so quick – as quick a Ninja – with Die Antwoord updates, it’s simple. I read WatKykJy – Die beste Afrikaanse websaait in die heelal. Yes, I nab it from them.

Not a bad effort for a South African music video, the first official one from Die Antwoord. Is it just me or has DJ Hi-Tech done some slimming down?

I see the swearing has been edited, so Die Antwoord is aiming for mainstream TV and Radio. Good on them.

Kameraad Mhambi would like to use Zef Meester Grif of WatkykJy’s words to wish you and your family:

Merry krismis.

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