Die Antwoord is the Answer

Monday 1 February 2010

Genugtig, my traffic is going through the roof.

Just this week I tweeted that my traffic is going to be far over 5000 visits for the month. I was clipping away at 200 visits per day, but that was before the interweb got the hots for Die Antwoord.

Just look! I’ve got WordPress Super Cache installed, so my server should be ok. Also just reinstalled Tweetmeme.

Do yourself a favour and do a Twitter search – every second minute there is a Die Antwoord Tweet.

Recently Vice magazine interviewed Die Antwoord:

You reckon zef rap-rave in Afrikaans has any potential beyond, say Sunnyside or Parow?
Ninja: Our first album we decided to dig into our own personal flavour and just keep it real you know, and represent where we’re coming from and how we speak. The next album we’re working on is called Ten$ion, and on this album we want to rap more like tour guides of South Africa, like maintain our SA style and flavour but still bring it for people in the overseas to understand… with like 95% English and then just a bit of Afrikaans
Yo-Landi: Afrikaans for all the swearing bits.
Ninja: To sum it all up, in this place, South Africa, you get a lot of different things: whites, coloureds, English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, watookal—I’m like all these different things, all these different people, fucked into one person.

That may be true sir, but nobody from South Africa ever really makes it overseas. You do realise that?
Ninja: Ja, check it, but it’s like the long distance runners from Ethiopia—they always come to the Olympics and fuck everyone up heavy! Now why is that possible my blaar? It’s ‘cos in Ethiopia the air is fucking thin. There’s like fuck-all air there basically, so when they come to the levels of the Olympics they’ve got like super oxygenated lungs and fuck everyone up ten-nil. So that’s basically how I’m feeling about this; South Africa’s the fucking shit. All my inspiration, all my funk, all my flavour is from here but also we’re training at minimum oxygen levels, so I’m basically like a Ethiopian runner just waiting for the fucking Olympics. Give me the mic, give me the baton and we’ll see whose gonna take these motherfuckers out. I’m feeling that shit, I’ve got fucking goosebumps my bru.
Yo-Landi: Mmm, these pickled onions are very nice
Ninja: Ja these onions are pumping.

And check here, even The UK Guardian has featured them now (below). Note while Die Beeld and Die Burger has featured them in SA none of the English language papers have. That just will tell you all you need to know about South African cultural politics.

They’ve also been featured on the 4chan and hipinion music message boards, and they said tonight:

seems we’re right at the tipping point of pure viral meme explosion; these guys are about to blow

Artic Monkeys Eat your Heart out.

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6 Responses

  1. marky mark says:

    so into this group. i hope they get huge in north america.

  2. Kameraad Mhambi says:

    So am I, so am I!

  3. VerdantSF says:

    Ek is ‘n Amerikaner, maar ek leer Afrikaans. Jou webblad is baie interessant. While learning the taal, I’ve become accustomed to the music of Kurt Darren, Rea le Roux, and Leon Schoeman. Die Antwoord is baie verskillend. Dankie dat jy gedeel het.

  4. Kameraad Mhambi says:

    Yip, Die Antwoord is heel verkillend as daardie groepe.

    Good on you for learning Afrikaans. If you do a Twitter search for Afrikaans today there seems to be a few people that want to learn it because of Die Antwoord.

  5. Marcko says:

    This music is soo cool. Check one of this fansites: http://www.dieantwoordzeflings.com

    Nice graphics!