Let Afrikaners be African

Monday 26 September 2011

Today in City Press, and Afrikaner journalist I respect very much, Adriaan Basson wrote a great piece. There’s much I agree with, why does Afriforum, the Afrikaner civil rights group not team up with Abahlali baseMjondolo for example? But this post is about the bits in it with which I disagree.

Much of Adriaan’s argument turns on one point. Afrikaners might be a numerical minority, but they are not minority in the sense that they are potential victims that need protecting or special treatment from the state. That is because they are well to do Adriaan argues. Lets for the moment forget about the fact that a significant number of Afrikaners live in poverty. Is Adriaan’s a good point?

No. Adriaan’s argument is too simplistic. It does not take into account the things that make most people truly happy in life. At its essence his is a right wing argument. One I am sure he does not intend.

One line of argument is easily dispatched for six. Adriaan quotes the UN in support, “In most instances, a minority group will be a numerical minority, but in others, a numerical majority may also find itself in a minority-like or non-dominant position, such as blacks under the apartheid regime in South Africa.”

But apartheid is no more. Although many progressives like John Pilger like to claim that apartheid is still alive, but Ferial Haffagee, Adriaan’s own editor, does a grand job of dismantling this argument herself: ‘Its only harvest is to keep us from the honest answers and the hardest analyses. It is sound-bite activism, good to raise a “Viva!”.

She continues to list many of the problems the country faces but says:

Awful, all of it. The reasons for this are more complex than a simple pretence that the change of power did not happen in 1994. ‘

That many Afrikaners are relatively wealthy vis-a-vis the majority of South Africans is true. In fact the new South African government (not intentionally, but by way of non government) has provided them with ample opportunity to become more wealthy. And many of them have.

But are we to judge the sense of happiness and well-being of a group of people in terms of the money they are making? A growing body of evidence suggest that what people want in life is not only money, but a sense of fulfillment, recognition and belonging. A sense of inclusion in a society, a sense that your skills are put to good use and valued and a sense of security (which I will deal with later). There comes a point in life where more wealth does not make people more happy. And happy societies are not societies where inequality is the norm.

Adriaan argues that events like the Klein Karoo Kunste Fees is a sign of the vitality of Afrikaans. But the reverse is true, the strength of Afrikaans festivals in the country is precisely because of its demotion in public life. It’s the privatisation of a previous public identity. In the words of sociologist and lead singer of the Brixton Moor en Roof Orkes, Andries Bezuidenhout, we are giving the language “a beautiful funeral”.

The impact of the loss of Afrikaans in the public sphere can not have but been and is no less than an experience of collective existential trauma for Afrikaners. One could argue that this process was unavoidable in a country with so many competing languages. One could argue that the ascendancy of English as the language of the public sphere is not only normal, it is desirable.

However one can not argue that it has not been at the cost of Afrikaner’s sense of being or belonging. Arguing that Afrikaans still plays a massive roll outside the public sphere is to discount the importance of identity to you and me. Identity must have a public component.

It also completely ignores the nature of Afrikaner identity in particular: Unfortunately the history of Afrikaans and Afrikanerdom is tied to the language, and its acceptance as a language in the public sphere is tied to Afrikaners sense of self, and self worth. Professor Melissa Steyn points out with respect to Afrikaners and their responsibility for apartheid:

…ironically, it would be a mistake to read the racial domination thus entrenched as emanating from a group that felt secure in their power. Afrikaners contended with the more powerful forces of the British empire throughout a history that was experienced as a long and bitter struggle for freedom from white-on-white overlordship. The self- esteem, indeed the very self-image, of Afrikaner nationhood was forged within a mythology that celebrated the courage of a people who refused to be subordinated to the British empire on more than one occasion in their history.

This is not an argument on my part for the recognition of Afrikaans alongside English. This is me pointing out that there is severe collective pain being felt that is not recognized by the South African community at large. Steyn analised letters to the editor at the Rapport newspaper, she concludes:

“Deep-seated anxieties about identity and loss of self are discemable in the letters. Unlike English South Africans, however, whose in-group has an international ideological center which gives the “we/us” a stable continuity, Afrikaners are contending with a profound existential crisis, grappling with the question “Who are we?”… The answer would have to reassure the deep fear that activates the soul searching: “Will we—our language, our religion, our identity—disappear?”"

In a fantastic article that I recommend every south African read, Rustum Kozain makes the point even better. Kozain surfed many an Afrikaner right wing website and his conclusion will surprise:

…if one looks past the racist language and past the sensationalism, the emotional tones of many of the posts and comments of white dissatisfaction are hard to ignore. There is rage, yes, but also heartbreak. In a culture that has in its history a strong agricultural connection with the land and a strong literary celebration of landscape and belonging, it is not difficult to see and understand this rage as a product of heartbreak, among other things. An easy, cynical and unsympathetic analysis would be that this heartbreak and rage is simply the product of a loss of power; that all of this are the hysterical fulminations of a segment of South Africa struggling to come to terms with a loss of political power. It certainly is this, but it is also more than this. And it is heartbreaking.

The others

The argument that the well to do can’t be an oppressed minority is bogus. The Jews in Germany suffered a terrible fate largely because of their perceived superiority and wealth and in Africa similar thing happened to the the Tutsi’s in Rwanda.

Each time I visit South Africa I am surprised by the levels of fear and anxiety amongst South Africans of all races and cultures. Amongst whites however this fear is often irrational and qualitatively different. It is however not even remotely without basis. I would like to use two examples to explain how violence against whites are not only perceived as a threat, but driving them from public spaces.

A few years ago, on a crowded day in the town of Zeerust, Constand Viljoen and his wife, who was deep in his seventies was attacked as they went shopping. He managed to fight off his attackers after a struggle, but what is important is that none of the many onlookers came to his rescue. That an elderly couple can be attacked in a busy town without anybody helping is very odd and not normal societal behaviour I’m sure you would agree.

A similar thing happened to my dad, who used to be a doctor in Krugersdorp and was attacked when he was in his 70′s. He always went to that bank machine, but when he was mugged in front of many people, yet nobody helped. The community just looked on.

I know this is odd – even in the South African context – because I have spent many hours in South African townships and in predominantly black places like Yeoville. I know the crooks and skabangas dont ply their trade in broad daylight or where many people are. The community won’t allow them. Their revenge can be swift and harsh.

The reason is I suspect it happened here was because the community see Viljoen and my dad as “other”. They see them as being part of a privileged group, and the attackers part of a group that are the real victims, just like Adriaan describes. So why intervene? The result is that white South African faces are disappearing behind walls.

So what bothers most is not actual violence against whites, but what it means. The fact that whites by and large cannot be in public spaces in South Africa’s cities any longer, not without becoming a target of crime is delegitimizing them as citizens. Their whiteness marks them as wealthy targets and removes the protection one would normally find in a society at large. The result is that they are confined to a life spent behind high walls, shopping malls, and cars.

To the Afrikaner identity this loss of being able to move around in public, to go to the park, to walk in the city center, to become non citizens, but getting in turn an ever bigger fancy house, is a grand Faustian bargain. And my anecdotal experience says that they hate it.

Recently, as part of an exhibition of South African photographers in London, Roelof van Wyk explained why he thought his pictures of Afrikaners were a more up to date and sympathetic take on them than earlier, often non sympathetic pictures taken by non Afrikaners of Afrikaners, like that of Rodger Ballen and David Goldblatt.

Van Wyk’s pictures show their subjects without any context, even without clothes, he wanted to play with the idea of the oppressive hand of the colonial ethnography. In his pictures Afrikaners are being objectified, analyzed like natives of yore. But he claims, they are natives, and what’s more, Afrikaners are now free to do what they want, they can for example sleep with who they choose.

What he achieved is something different I thought. And the contrast with what Goldblatt did is instructive. Goldblatt says of his work on Afrikaners:

“Travelling through vast, sparsely populated parts of the country with my camera became a major part of my life at that time. I think that our landscape is an essential ingredient in any attempt at understanding not just the Afrikaner but all of us here. We have shaped the land and the land has shaped us. Often the land was unforgivingly harsh. Yet, the harsher the landscape the stronger the Afrikaners’ sense of belonging seemed to be.”

Van Wyk’s pictures are completely devoid of any link to place, or to any attachments of culture. If he had chosen to show context, he would have had to show Afrikaners in their big houses behind their big walls, or their 4 by 4′s, or in a shopping malls and perhaps one or two in a squatter camp.

Afrikaners don’t belong anywhere except in a glitzy Anglo world that could be anywhere, but considering who they are, it is a kind of hell.

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  1. No comments so far I see. I now feel compelled to write why I think Afrikaners have a lot to be thankful for. And ask why Afriforum has not sought to join up with other civil rights groups. a point Adriaan makes very well.

  2. Mk says:

    I’ll comment, cause I see you’re feeling lonely. First off, this is a beautifully written article. It puts things into words that so many of us feel, and I am surprised, because I disagree with so much of your political orientation (I’ve followed you for a while, blogwise, not creepily). Two of your downfalls are thus, if I may: The first and most self evident is the fact that you admire this cANCer ingratiating moron Adriaan Basson, but I suppose each to his own. And secondly, on a less virulent tack, you don’t really offer any solutions to our current very sad situation. May I assume you do not support the Volkstaat initiatives (I’ve gleaned as much from your posts over the years)? Other than secession or at least nominal autonomy, I see absolutely no non-violent way out of our present state. Integration into the ‘new South Africa’ with its monochromatic rainbow has failed miserably; whether it is the fault of the Afrikaner, Whites in general or the black population is immaterial and our (may I say your?) insistence on ‘tolerance’ and acceptance of our new and warped status will not change the inherent nature of people that do not wish to be subservient, or at least what ‘we’ consider subservient. We can talk at length about how the ‘younger’ generation is the key and about the non-racialist nature of kids who accept different coloured friends etc ad nausium, but the amusing thing is, I am part of this ‘young’ generation – only 24 years old, and most of my peers feel the same way, with regard to independence and how wonderful it would be. It may be that I surround myself with educated (I had to insert this as we are hardly redneck trash) ‘right-wingers’ or that the white and Afrikaner youth in this country feel the same way. We as Afrikaners belong in Africa, we belong on this continent and are resentful at those who do not give us what we feel is our due. I for one hope very much to see the realisation of an Afrikaner nation state/city in the next decade or two.

  3. afrikola says:

    Huis,Paleis,Pandok,Varkhok ! More like,as you say Paleis,Huis,Pandok,Varkhok ! And herein also lies the reason that there is no common ground between Afriforum and Abahlali baseMjondolo.Where as Afriforum’s main aim is holding on to vast tracts of land,of which the Afrikaner’s ownership remains beyond any proportion to their numbers.Does our love of the land,negate “others”love of it ? Between 1994 and 2004,about 1.7 million farmworkers were forced off farms.Where do they go ? ,to the edges of urban areas where they try to eke out a marginal existance,and with the aim to attain just the minutest piece of land to erect a small structure.@Mk,”we as (Africans) belong in Africa,we belong on this continent and are resentful at those who do not give us what we feel is our due”,could these words not be spoken by any “other” youths in South Africa ? Do Afrikaners want to be Africans,as I have mentioned here before,we call ourselves Afrikaner,speak Afrikaans,but also coined the terms,Non-European and Europeans only.I remember my father saying,we have lost the political power,but not the economic,but even this has not created the golden egg for the bird sitting in the guilded cage.I hate violence,but the moment you critisise,you have the blood of murdered farmers on your hands.But I would like to direct one question to you,did you ever encounter” white” violence on “black” and how did you react ? I did and just watched,disgusted,but no reaction ! I am ashamed of myself and would also be in any another situation,no matter who the aggressor may be.At the same time during the recent violence in London,how many civillians reacted ? “Because the community see my dad and Viljoen as other.” Now here lies the basics of the truth,in this phrase,community could be seen as another than white Afrikaner.So it would also certainly take some action to become part of the community and not to be seen as other.But being part can not happen behind a wall or aspirations of being apart.So there is a lot of action and reconcilliation still to happen,but anyone believing that their own freedom will come in a luckypacket is and will be badly disillusioned. Aluta Continua ! And no this is not a soundbite activism,but a daily reality in a World adrift of which South Africa is part and parcel. And Apartheid is very much alive,as if it was not,your article would be of no consequence !

  4. Mk says:

    @Afrikola, not to be mean, but its quite difficult to make sense of your whole post, sorry. What I can make sense of, I do not agree with. It seems you are spouting the self same tripe that so many ‘media-drone’ neo-liberals do. “being part can not happen behind a wall or aspirations of being apart”, I direct your attention to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights underwritten by all member states of the UN (of which South Africa is a founding member and signatory) http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/, aside from the ANC’s contravention of at least 10 of the 30 fundamental human rights (beside the point, but nevertheless, poignant) the declaration clearly iterates in articles 17, 18 and 20 the right to freedom of association! Whether cultural, communal, linguistic or (shock horror) ethnic! Afrikaners are African, there is no ‘want’ involved, it is a simple fact as the term ‘African’ does not indicate race, despite the liberal American press’ efforts to convince the world otherwise; we do not need to request the label nor justify ourselves in this regard, least of all to one of our own.

    As for your reference to the ‘others’ that could say the same (regarding being African and our dues etc) to be absolutely blunt, who the hell cares? This may offend your genteel liberal sentiments (refer back to the offending question once more). We (new ‘South Africans’) are connected by virtue of lines drawn by British imperialists 101 years ago. I have about the same in common with a Xhosa as I do with a Maasai or for that matter a Herero or Ovambo (does not mean I hate them or want them dead or for that matter that I am less African)! Yet somehow I must embrace the fallacy of ‘Simunye’ the corrupt and brown ‘Rainbow Nation’, why exactly? Because you and people who think like you tell me to? Where is my Freedom of thought then (article 18)? I’m 24, from a family of Afrikaner Rhodesians/Congolese, what exactly must I reconcile with? My parents were not born here, so they did not benefit from Apartheid, nor did we have black servants as a child. I’m getting on my horse here, so I’ll quickly dismount and leave the righteous rage for another time. I’ll end my little tirade with this, you are so right in saying that nobody’s freedom will come in a luckypacket – I believe that if we (Afrikaners) want our own state, only hard work and patience will get us there.

  5. afrikola says:

    @Mk,good that you came around to some understanding after nicely putting me into your neatly stickered box.But I don’t quite understand your gripe with my tripe.”being part can not happen behind a wall or ASPIRATIONS OF BEING APART”-”we (Afrikaners)want our own state”,do not see much of a difference in this utterance,except I would not include myself in your we.And then in the next breath,”We(new”South Africans”),must admit I am confused.And referring to the title of the piece,Let Afrikaners be African,I stand by my understanding of “want”,firstly after hundreds of years on the African soil,why the need to write Europeans Only and Non European on public facillities,when it could just as well have been Africans Only.And in my double as many years as yours around,I have yet to come across an Afrikaner calling themselves Afrikaan.As for the reference about the “other”,you obviously do care,as I was only quoting you.As for your reference about having the same in common with a Xhosa person as a Maasai,shows that only a Volkstaat could save you from Simunye.and as you said only a lot of hard work could make that happen,and no State ever came about only through educated intellectuals,make your peace with your “red neck” right wingers first ! Good Luck !

  6. Mk says:

    Allow me to frame the context of the time of those European/non-European signs – late 50′s, early 60′s – a time when South Africa experienced semi-significant immigration from European countries after having a closed border policy during and after the world war. These signs changed to ‘white/non-white’ in the 60′s. As for Afrikaners not referring to themselves as ‘African’, pray tell, what do you think the name Afrikaner means? Where is the name of the language ‘Afrikaans’ derived from? Even Eugene Terre’blanche, that much vilified and media branded ‘racist’, wrote of his intense love for Africa in his poems!

    “Only a Volkstaat could save you from Simunye”, its not so much about saving myself as it is about insuring a bright future for my family and my people. I want my children (one day) to grow up in Africa, to have opportunity here, to have the chance to be a politician, an astronaut or even president. Your rose coloured glasses aside, there is no way they would be able to achieve this without a safe, productive and homogeneous country, something no black run African country is, has ever been or will ever be; the reasons for this are varied. I apologise if you feel I’ve labelled you, but you do come across as a typical South African neo-liberal ‘progressive’. A type of person who would be considered backward in Europe (where I have lived and studied). Just as an aside, progressives in South Africa are a strange breed, views that they hold and force on others are discounted in many places in the world bar loony-lefty America – the Germans, Brits, Spanish, French, Austrians, Swiss, Dutch have pretty much slammed multiculturalism and categorically stated that it does not work! Incidentally, my quip about ‘rednecks’ was pre-empting any possible argument about volkstaat supporters being beer-bellied blou-bul brakpan-brekers, you are correct of course, intellectuals alone won’t cut it, we will need the masses of Afrikaners that are stuck in the squatter-camps outside Klerksdorp, Pretoria, even Bloem. I did not think you would include yourself in the ‘we’ referring to Afrikaners, but assuming you have kids, one day when it is successful, they will be welcome too, provided you haven’t moved them off to Oz or the UK, even if their father (mother?) is a bit backward.

  7. afrikola says:

    Now the labelling is complete,typical South African neo-liberal “progressive” and backward,your apology accepted ! So you believe that millions of Afrikaners overnite became Europeans,because of semi-magnificent immigration,and as if white/non white signs made the “Natives” feel more at home ? Wonder how many self respecting Boere of the day would have felt at home at a “Native” beach or stokvel. And your choice of the Great Leader,as the African Imbongi,does not quite stroke as he is known to have acclaimed himself to be a Boer,and backwards like myself to be colonialist Afrikaners. And his praisesinging of the African landscape is like his name only in context of it being a White Earth,a beautiful land devoid of indigenous people.A land like your Volkstaat,where you can build space ships and monuments to koeksisters,a sugarsweet “spookasem”dream,and how could we ever not use Europe as our measurement of progression and innovation.In fact I live in Europe,and in fact the “forward” movement against multiculturalism is in fact not a majority view ,as well as a backlash against goverments not implementing intergration over years.And now more than ever migrants need to secure a Europe with an almost negative birthrate in a World economic system that is stuck on growth, in a World of ever diminishing resources,where the spoils are divided everyday anew.I have just spent a week in Amsterdam again,living in Bijlmer,a suburb with most probably ,some of the highest “foreigner”densities in Europe,and how did I feel at home,hearing the Dutch rolling off their tongues ! And I do have great kids that have grown up on both continents ,and being the “backward” that I am,have just moved my son across to Africa,and his sister being very jealous that she can’t go, after having a great time living there last year.So just for interest sake,how many Boere do you need to create a viable Volkstaat in a growth based economy and how do you envisage the borders?

  8. Mk says:

    Labelling? I said you come across as; that’s not labelling, its my opinion of how you ‘come across’! You did not understand what I meant with the European/non-European signs! The signs were meant for the newly arrived and people like some ESSA’s who feel at home with the lable ‘british’ or ‘European’, Verwoerd even referred to us as the ‘White men of Africa’ in his republic day speech in 1961, hardly European wouldn’t you say. As for those that did not feel at home on a black beach or stokvel, pray tell, if these things are so great, why are you sitting in literally Terre – blanche, the land of the whites, instead of Soweto or Alexandria? A bit hypocritical if you ask me. As for ET’s love of a land devoid of indigenous people, excuse me, but I don’t know what tree you fell out of but I’m indigenous as any black in this country, regardless of your opinion on the matter.

    As for personal knowledge about Europe, as I said, been there, done that and continue to travel to Germany and Austria for work. I too have spent time in the Netherlands, maybe not a lovely little multi-culti cesspit like Bijlmer, but the infinitely prettier Breda and Delft (Studied for a semester at the TU)! So you think the anti-multic movement with people like Geert Wilders is just a mere backlash? What about in Germany where people like Thilo Sarrazin (the SPD (liberal and lefties) guy who wrote the book Deutschland schafft sich ab) denounced multiculturalism, where Angela Merkel called it a failure. What about Austria where the ÖVP and the BZÖ are the leading parties, where people like Ewald Stadler have spoken strongly out against MC in the parliament to massive applause, where people like Jorg Haidler (dead now) and Heinz-Christian Strache are massively popular and hardline denouncers of MC. What about Switzerland where the SVP has the highest votes for any single party in Switzerland ever (by the way, they hate MC too). In the UK, they are pathetically liberal, but are very quickly waking up to the realities of MC especially in the wake of the London Riots, the UKIP is soaring through the poles. Thats enough examples, I could go on and list Denmark, Poland, France and Spain’s disdain for MC, but I think I sufficiently made my point.

    As for the ‘dream’ of a volkstaat, well, excuse me very much if I want to live in a successful country with little to no crime and a flourishing economy like the one you left South Africa for sans the little cultural-enrichment ghettos like the one you live in. I just want that (the order, success and safety with my own people) in the land of my ancestors. On the ‘dream’ part, the volkstaat is not that, it is already a reality – Orania exists. It may not be as large as it should, but their co-operative bank has capital amounting to over 50 million rand, the town itself which is technically a company is worth well over R500 Million. They have over 10000 supporters and contributors (uitwoners of which I am one) and 1100 locals as well as the support of UNPO, Sud-Tirol and cultural organisations in Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea. Hardly a spectacular failure. Afriforum and Solidarity pledge their full support too, the idea of self-determination is a truly democratic principle, a progressive ideal; and unfortunately, yes, your opposition to this makes you backward. It is not up to me to ‘envisage’ borders or for me to draw the lines or even for me to say how many people can live in the state, I’m too much of a libertarian to dictate to people like that, but I will say that about 250 000 to 300 000 people would be great. I also see the state in the Northern Cape. Where possible, conflict must be avoided, and the emptiness of the NC makes it perfect. You are welcome to oppose the volkstaat, and sit in relative luxury in Europe while your country, land of birth and ancestors burns and while you offer no solutions, just criticism and ridiculous leftist platitude and attitudes that have caused this world to be as royally screwed as it is today. Thanks for that.

  9. afrikola says:

    Yes,labelling,maybe you don’t realise it,but again I am hypocritical,even though you call yourself an “uitwoner”,a little insinuation of you fell out the tree and plenty of assumptions,but i don’t intend to be a “minister of(self)defence.

    Geert Wilders is a clown with a bad hairstyle and social incompetance.Germany is far more concerned with “saving” the EU,than dealing with foreigners.When you want to see a true cesspit of corruption,look no further than Austria,whether left or right,they just can not keep their fingers out the till.Haider is thoroughly discredited for this and his close relation to the Gadaffi clan.On the one hand blowing the fire of Islamophobia and taking this filthy money under the table.As for Mr.Strache and Co. they all project this smooth urbane chic image,but at closer observation,their brown shirts is hanging out.The Danes have returned the Social Democrats and Socialists and after Oslo,Europe is much more aware what really goes on behind those smug bald
    characters that has more hair than brains.

    Anyhow,I came here to talk about the situation down South.Nowhere did I ever say that I oppose anybody’s right to selfdetermination,but it is important not to get lost in illusions of grandeur.In fact I have a lot of respect for the innitiatives happening at Orania.Nothing wrong with practicing organic farming and alternative technologies,very level headed and progressive in a technical sense.Certainly no pipe dreams of sending people to outer space.In fact I would even go as far as to say Carel Boshoff to be the most progressive right winger S.A. ever saw. Unlike your extraterrestial poet,who was indeed nothing more than a unconvincing actor that made for bad taste comedy ! At the same time,you and most of your fellow brothers in arms don’t convince me.Like Tata ma Chance scratchcards,scratch off the silver lining,and again we see the brown shirts hanging out.You have your ideas as far as a future for you and your kids and I grant them. There is just one thing,you might not like the South Africa that you see and perceive,and whether you will live in Orania or not .Breaking it down will make no contribution,as even Orania,will be non existant without the general well being of South Africa beside it. I rest my case.

  10. Mk says:

    Granted, my last post had some labels, but in my opinion, they were justified. I won’t get into the Europe argument, because it seems that you’ve adopted the stance of most leftist Europeans, foaming at the mouth and accusing conservatives of being Nazis.

    As for closer to home, I have no illusions and picking up on my point about space travel and mocking it is a very grown-up thing to do, much appreciated. As for Eugene Terre’blanche being an unconvincing actor, clearly your opinion (formed over years of study at the knee of the mass media) as I can probably safely assume that you never met the man. I did, in Riversdal in 2008, a very impressive figure despite what the media said, and though I may not agree with everything he believed in, I respected the premise, that of self-determination for minorities! As for South Africa, the country itself is not the corrupt, Afronazi moronic black monsters that are running it. I love the country, I hate the government, but with the hateful majority and their love of communism, property theft and unbridled savagery, I see no way to separate the country from its inept, tyrannous, uneducated regime without secession. Accusing me of being a brown-shirt (or more appropriately, a grey shirt) is a tired old leftist argument deployed when you have no leg to stand on – its either that old gem or the oh-so-scary term ‘racist’. I couldn’t give a crap either way, I have no interest in convincing you of anything about myself. I won’t point out that my girlfriend has a Jewish mother or that Dan Roodt (from PRAAG, another ‘brother in arms’ ideologically speaking)has a Jewish mother too!

    We could argue about this til one of us dies, but the truth is, only time will tell if the Volkstaat will be successful or not and your opinion as the chief kaaskop will not make one iota of difference. You chose the easy way out by escaping the regime. You actually forwent the right to comment when you decided to emigrate. Why not concentrate on trying to convince the Europeans that they need more non-white immigration to assure diversity (you are going to be very popular with this one)! Because believe me, the tide in Europe is changing and your reactionary armchair commentary will not stop it, nor will the actions of Anders Breivik.

  11. Ghetto-Nerd says:

    My response was written after I’d seen Wessel’s response to Adriaan Basson’s letter. A friend decided to add it to her blog so please see http://cygnetring.tumblr.com/post/10841068685/lemme-tell-you-what-i-think
    Keep in mind that whilst the back and forth between MK and Afrikola is a nice “debate” its not the basis of my response.

  12. Mk says:

    @Ghetto-Nerd, quite a good article, but I don’t agree with your closing statement. The us and them issue is only bad when you include the ‘versus’. There is a clear and definable US and a definable THEM. We speak different languages, have different cultures and traditions, the only thing we have in common (collectively speaking) is the fact that we are jointly ‘ruled over’, the ludicrous inane platitude that ‘we are all human’ and ‘our blood is all red’ just doesn’t cut it. This is not to say we cannot be friends or appreciate each other or even co-operate, but when we are lumped into an amorphous grey ‘South African’ grouping, that is when we start to lose our individuality, our culture and our languages. It is multiculturalism that has caused us to be lumped into an english speaking non-entity where Zulu’s are forced to discount their culture on Heritage day, where Afrikaners are forced to capitulate to neo-liberal ideals of ‘reconciliation’ on the Day of the Vow (Dec 16). South Africa is a massive country and there is place for all of us here, but, sadly, together it is not working out, we are too different. I see only two options for us either we all separate and have Xhosa leading Xhosa, Venda – Venda, Zulu – Zulu etc, or we adopt confessionalism (lebanese governing type) and power share between all groups. The latter I can’t see a chance of happening, ever.

  13. Ghetto-Nerd says:

    Thanks for the feedback MK. I agree with you that the us and them issue is bad when we include “versus”. You and I may be able to see that we are a multicultural society and cannot be grouped into one grey South African community, but the sad and bitter reality is that most of my people and yours too, actually start seeing it as a “versus” situation. The idea I was conveying is that we are all losing ourselves in this American type melting pot that we are creating and that we all need to see that although there is an “us and them”, there is no “versus”. My idea or need is in looking at potential solutions to these type of problems so that each “group” is able to sustain its culture, language and beliefs without another seeing this as their extinctions. both options you provide are confessionalism to some or other degree because both are based on power provided according to a grouping based on their religion or ethnicity. Based on religion 70% of S.A. is Christian and if based on ethnicity S.A. is 80% black and based on this, I ASSUME, that black people will outnumber any other race in any region. This is the time where we recognise our differences and try get past them in a manner that is somewhat satisfactory to most because we will never be able to satisfy everyone.

  14. Johan Swarts says:

    @Ghetto-Nerd – Is black an ethnicity?

  15. Ghetto-Nerd says:

    Just wanted you to see that I got the message but I’m not going to engage in this type of belittling cause I see where we’re heading. I’ve actually removed myself from being notified of follow up comments on this blog thanks to you. Would have enjoyed conversation with people like MK.
    Is black and ethnicity… Google it!

  16. Kan-Wil-Sal says:

    @MK: You call yourself a Libertarian or too much of a Libertarian to dictate to others, right? I like that, so let’s see how far we can go. Like you I am a member of the Orania movement, I visit the town at least once a year and love every moment of it and I must admit the growth the last few years for a dorp was spectacular. Now I support it because I see an existential problem for Afrikaners and I understand that to overcome it ethnic consolidation is a prerequisite, not everyone has to go live there but a ethnic Heimat, that we need! I love the Volkstaat idea except the “Staat” portion. Don’t get me wrong I hate the government I live under but I also hated the previous one, if we start a “staat” I will probably hate that government too. Localism is healthy and I wish we could establish Blania and Blouia sooner rather then later, but may each of them rule themselves and compete with each other. I will agree to the “staat” portion of Volkstaat under three conditions 1) No Democracy 2) No Taxation 3) No Government.

  17. @Kan-wil-sal – I fond your comment interesting. All these anarchist sentiments amongst Volkstaat supporters is fascinating. If a tad naive.

  18. Mk says:

    @Kan-wil-sal, you are right on all counts, agree completely. I am a libertarian, but more towards the minarchist side than anything else. I also would like another Orania established, maybe on the weskus but certainly without the tyrannous democratic element.

    @Mhambi, a tad naive? How so? Most of us with so-called ‘anarchist sentiments’ are not advocates of the kind of lawless. moral-less, pandemonium we currently live with, on the contrary. The sentiments I harbour are those of freedom and liberty, especially for myself. Obviously living in South Africa gives one a better perspective on these issues.

  19. Kan-Wil-Sal says:

    @Mk, Thanks, it has long been argued that an anarchist world as envisioned by Anarcho-capitalist’s and Christian anarchist would in any case descend into city states but that’s good enough for me.

    @Mhambi, I am not a strategist, nor do I know how such a world should come about. Maybe Jesus comes back tomorrow and the world ends, maybe we have another ten thousand years and the night is young. But I do know the following: It is naïve to believe that the Bureaucratic classes can create jobs by taxing the productive classes.
    It is naïve to believe that forced integration, forced multiculturalism or forced anything will make us happier then forced segregation. It is naïve to believe that in any redistribution program anyone except those doing the redistributing get fat. It is naïve to believe that intervention by the bureaucratic classes in any sector of the economy can produce anything but a discombobulated supply and demand curve. We have tried every form of socialism and communism to the death of millions, yet pure capitalism has never even been attempted.

    Since you wrote so much on economics when the American recession started, I’ll tell you what, I’ll leave you with one educational video on economics relating to the housing bubble and if you can disprove his analysis to me, I’ll concede that I am wrong!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=541bajR4k8g

  20. Ike says:

    “why does Afriforum, the Afrikaner civil rights group not team up with Abahlali baseMjondolo for example?”

    This is a simple question to answer when we are honest: becaues Afriforum is not a South African “civil rights group” but a Afrikaner “civil rights group”. They are stuck in a mindset thats typical to their socialisation: white dominance + supremacy. They DO NOT CARE about human rights – they care about AFRIKANER RIGHTS.

    This is exactly why they are so irrelevant on a global scale and so inefficent in their political activities!

  21. Ike says:

    You do wonder why nobody comes to help a fascist ex-general who gets robbed? The question should be: why is the mass murderer enjoying a shopping tour with his wife when he ought to be behind bars!

    Yes, we can be thankful that Viljoen got his mind right in the early 1990ies and did what he could to prevent his hot-headed companions from commiting even more murder – but that doesnt undo the mass slaughter of women and children in Cassinga orchestrated by him.

  22. Mk says:

    @Ike, I’ll disregard your petulant little rant about Afriforum being White-supremacist, but this precious gem of cracked mirror logic just gets me: ‘They do not care about Human rights, they care about Afrikaner rights’. Aside from the glaringly obvious anti-white overtone, let me ask you this: Do you not consider Afrikaners human beings? Now the only way that Afriforum could possibly not care about human rights is if Afrikaners are not human. Otherwise your chest pounding tirade is just that! As for the mass slaughter you refer you, I refer you to farm murders, the ANC’s murder of Zulu’s in their attack on the IFP, the death camps at Quatro and Caxito in Angola where torture unimaginable and atrocities most foul were perpetrated on their own people! Thousands killed in the most brutal fashion, not forgetting Pango in Zambia. Also I refer you to the necklacing of ANC dissidents and the planting of bombs killing innocent mothers and their children. You really wanna play that card, then I suggest you read up on the TRC, you know, old Tutu’s farcical commission. The horrors that the ANC committed ignoring those under their tyrannous rule, were shocking even to the most strong stomached. In case I have to spell it out, you are the irrelevant one.

  23. @Ike you might think Constand Viljoen is a fascist, but if you read Mandela’s autobography, even Mbeki’s none of them think he is. In fact he is credited (as you state) with bringing in the far right into south african politics and for playing a big part the peaceful transition by way of the immense respect he commands. Viljoen unlike the likes of Magnus Malan, is seen as level headed, fair and weary of conflict.

    Constand’s twin brother, was as you might know was a luminary in Idasa, and he does not think his brother is a fascist either.

    As for Cassinga, yes he was head of the army when South Africa laid waste to it, but Obama, Patraeus and the US have been bombing Afghanistan villages for years now.

    Cassinga was bad, there were civilian deaths, and I have heard it from good authority that at least in one case a person that had surrendered had been shot. I wrote about it here http://mhambi.blogspot.com/2007/11/nobody-and-innocence-dissapeared-at.html

    But Cassinga is not a patch on the My Lai Massacre.

    Also although Viljoen was not present when the attack began, he did fly in via a helicopter as part of the evacuation of the SA troops as Cuban tanks approached. For that he got allot of respect from troops. Not many generals put their money where their mouths are.

    Lastly nobody that knows Viljoen will call him a racist. Unlike many black and white South African leaders.

  24. Ike says:

    first things first:
    sorry for my imperfect english since i`m not a native tongue

    @Mk: the way you deliberately twist my message in a way that is not making any sense is not a very useful addition to the discussion!

    In short: of course afrikaners are humans (unless they have come from another galaxy, i mean afrikaners have claimed that they are the chosen people but the alien claim would be new to my ears), but not all human beings are afrikaners!

    long version:

    it would be stupid of me to be “anti-white” – whatever this is supposed to mean – since biological i am half-”white” myself and therefore half of my close relatives and extended family members i grew up with are “white”!

    Your interpretation of my opinions as being “anti-white” is only possible when – simply as your mind seems to work – you assume me to be non-white – so that is where your argument already fails.

    I wonder why the attrocities commited by few in the ANC camps are “shocking even to the most strong stomached” while the attrocities commited by the minority regime apartheid state and its institutions routinely – like the semi-legalised use of the most brutal forms of torture (since encouraged by the officials and those responsible and not persecuted legally) on political detainees (among them children, teenagers and women) and later (since the early 1980ies) the strategy of “disappearing” activists (=abducting, torturing, killing and decomposing the remains of the literally slaughtered people) are not bothering you at all!

    You might watch the movie “Defiance” – a story about jewish partisan fighters in Belorus during the Holocaust – even in this movie that generally glorifies the actions of the fighters you will see the topic of violently dealing with the problem of mutiny and dissatisfaction among the cadres of a legitemate resistance force – being raised in a realistic way, when one of the commanders shoots an ill-disciplined cadre for instigating dissent among the camps population – not really easy for the stomach!

    If you deal with this topic more intensely you will have to acknowledge that the conditions of guerilla warfare under which the jewish partisans aswell as the armed wing of the ANC operated demand strict dicipline since its highly likely that the technological more advanced enemy might strike at any time and also might penetrate the camps with double-agents…

    The attrocities “inside quatro” are a complicated topic that i have intensly dealt with before, but i am under the heavy impression that your concern is not really with those ANC fighters that fall victim to the very complex and dramatic situation inside the ANC bases in the 1980ies, a situtation that was partly orchestrated by the apartheid intelligence services that heavily penetrated the exile ANC communities – the failure and guilt of the ANCs security department was mainly its inability to deal with disinformation and highly complex security issues without resorting to the means that were typical to the apartheid regime: detenton under horrible conditions and torture!

    If you wanna know how the attrocities that were commited by institutions of the ANC on order of ANC commanders in quality and quantity to those committed by insititutions and operatives of the apartheid regime, you just might like to ask the author of this blog who was involved in the TRC!

    @ Mhambi
    Mandela and Mbeki (may the lord bless them) have allways been gentlemen and men of diplomacy – but the latter i am not. The man is responisble for an attack on a camp that mainly housed refugees and even the guerilla fighters were essentially refugees that fled their country of origin. Also they were not of any harm deep inside the jungles of Angola with their rusty AK guns. I call and continue to call the guy a fascist since he acted like a fascist: use the military and technological power to destroy and kill ill equipped “insurgents” instead of coming to terms with a conflict partner in a civilised way (political negotiations, respect for the other side…)!

    What you call an authority in relation to Cassinga i would like to know! I know an authority: she lost her mother being only a few days old when the Wehrmacht/Weermag killed her during the terror attack and she was flown out to East Germany for medical treatment (being heavily wounded herself) and wrote a book about being an adoptee to an East German white family and growing up without her parents. What other Authority do i need?

    here is the link (as an afrikaner maybe you understand a bit of my native tongue which is German):


  25. @Ike, the problem with your argument is that if you label the most reasonable of a group of people a fascist, it does not leave us much to work with or hope to deal with the rest.

    The attack on Cassinga was ordered on cabinet level, and PW pushed for it. Malan was head of the SADF, Viljoen was head of the army. Your fixated on Constand because he actually went to Cassinga.

    I agree with you that there were civilians living amongst the fighters at Cassinga.

    So was there in Dresden. The Syrian government shoots unarmed protestors, both sides in Libya has committed unspeakable atrocities. The US bombs people with drones with less provocation. Where is your moral hierarchy in all this?

    It is not contested that the head of PLAN was at Cassinga as well. Neither is it in dispute that there was a substantial Cuban military presence within 10 km from Cassinga. If your argument is that there should not have been a war against Swapo, or that it was unfair, then the person to direct your anger at is not the soldiers, but the South African political class.

    PS: Mbeki would resent that you compare him to ‘the one good native’.

  26. Ike says:

    @Kameraad Mhambi:
    i understand that you yourself have a “afrikaner” identity = you identify in an individual way with the concept of “afrikanerdom”, or being a part of “afrikanerdom”.

    Still i find it difficult to understand that somebody with your professional biography tends to the same defense-mechanisms as people who usually have a more narrow understanding and a more limited amount of knowledge on socio-political and historical backgrounds.

    That is highlighted when you turn to the bad habit of making comparisions with other states and societies in relation to human-rights abuses and war crimes rather than to talk about apartheid and South Africa, a topic complex enough in itself.

    Like i said: another shortcoming of your argumentation is to think that structures and members of PLAN or other self-determination movements were per se a legitemate target in a military sense, since many of those that fled their country (same goes for the students that fled South Africa) would eventually end up in these movements – since these were almost the only organisations that had the organisational and infrastructural means to take these youths into their “care” – employ them, educate them and in many instances in full accordance to the young people train them as rebel fighters.

    Since obviously and i dont think you will doubt that – the anger and militancy of the young people was rooted in their experiences in the Townships when their fellow people were shot, tortured, detained by a “police” that was so evil in its character that even the japanese Yakuza and the italian mob are honorable organisations in comnparision – their quest for resistance was morally and even legally legitemate – unlike any of the Wehrmacht/Weermag operations.

    The differentiation between a militant-minded youth that had to flee his country since – the apartheid regime made it clear that they had no scruples shooting at unamred children at school protest (school protests are a common occurence in many countries, but only in South Africa under the afrikaner-minority regime it happened that children got massacred for protesting by paramilitary troops in armed vehicles – a behaviour unknown in any civilised society ) AND a combatant was hard to make.

    The same person who searches refuge from persecution in a neighboring country – maybe the Special Branch was after him because he was a leader of a students debate club and spoke his mind too freely and the young man didnt want to end up being “accidentaly” thrown out of John Vorster Square – may have eventually become a part of a miltary unit of one of the self-determination movements. Is he now a refugee or a combatant?

    The persons killed in Cassinga were in a majority refugees! Were their “fighters” among them? Sure since Swapo/Plan was the organisation that namibian refugees would run to for safety and where they became involved in the organbisation – often as armed cadres = “fighter”!

    Its silly that i have to explain all that to you, when you should know it much better then me!

  27. Ike says:


    I do not focus on Viljoen – Malan, PW and all the other afrikaner-nationalists/fascists may have been even worse in their lack of decency , honour, respect for human life and in their lack of social awareness.

    What happens in other part of the world might be just as bad or even worse then the South Africa apartheid situation was = that doesnt make life under apartheid (especially on the victims side which you might know only theoretically) a paradise-experience!

    And it also doesnt make the death-squad killers and those who were respnsible in politics and military suddenly become less evil persons – a killer stays a killer, a fascist stays a fascist, a murderer stays a murderer, a child mutilater stays a child mutilater – all this kinds of personalities can be found among the leadership of the afrikaner-nationalist regime and its institutions!

    I like your blog since you bring up South Africam issues in a relation to afrikaners perspectives and unlike many of your fellow afrikaners who are able to blog you do it with a certain level of intelligence and many of your articles are very interesting to read.

    Syria and the american invention in Afghanistan are also very interesting and complex topics – but why not stick to the topic of South Africa and apartheid for now?

  28. I’m glad you enjoy this blog Ike.

    While I agree with much of what you say I fundamentally disagree with you with regards to Viljoen. As for general culpability of Afrikaners due to apartheid, its a topic i have written about many time and I dont wish to repeat it now. Save to say that if obvious violence is your yardstick apartheid will seem relatively benign.

    Take Syria for example, 4000 people dead in 8 months. According to the TRC political violence claimed 24,000 lives in SA from 1948 to 1994 (46 years). At the current rate Syria (where another minority regime is battling a majority) will achieve the same casualty numbers but in 5 years. This is in country with a smaller population. Yet apartheid SA had far more moral condemnation over the years. Take Kenya during Mau Mau – 60,000 dead in 6 years. Take Algeria.

    Dont misconstrue this to mean that apartheid SA was ok or excusable.

  29. To elaborate, because some people will only read this and not everything I have written on this topic. Apartheid’s insidious horribleness comes from systemic degradation and the psychological and social damage it inflicted on the fabric of South African society. It’s much harder to measure than ‘mere’ violence.

    Also I agree with you on Soweto 1976. It’s the most shameful single event in the history of Afrikaner Nationalism.

  30. Mk says:

    @Ike, I did not deliberately twist anything, and using the excuse of ‘oh, its not my first language’ is a cop out and rather pathetic, seeing as I first learned English at school, yet I have no problem making my point clear. The ‘atrocities’ committed by the Apartheid government pale in comparison when compared with the actions of cANCer both before and after their rise to power. And incidentally, you could be a pasty face ginger and the label of ‘anti-white’ would stick just the same. Almost every white liberal I know is virulently anti-white; so there is that little point, null and void.

    The movie ‘Defiance’ is just that, a movie. Making real world comparisons with historical fiction is ridiculous. The Jews were justified in fighting a vicious overlord intent on their destruction as they were a vulnerable minority not a savage majority intent on communism, cannibalism and corruption; the three black African c’s. In the same way Afrikaners are entitled to fight against their vicious oppressor, the cANCer regime by any means necessary.

  31. Ike says:

    oh – am I now relevat again?

    Since we do not live under apartheid circumstances you have the right to state opinions that are oppositional to the current South African governent or political system – even if the argumentation like in your case is often not very reasonable!

    I never said that the fact that English is not my native tongue means that in any ways my arguments are not meant the way i state them here to the best of my lingual abilities – where do you got that from again?

    Since i am not aware of the expressions used on the South African coutryside by backwards thinking hillybilly white trash afrikaners who grew up on some farmland which their forefathers – who came to Africa because they were intellectually incapable of adapting to the enlightning of the European societies through science and philosophy – robbed from their indigenous inhabitants, you may explain me what the term “pasty face ginger” is supposed to mean?

    At least you are able to recognize that under certain circumstances resistance against “a vicious overlord intent” is justified and so obviously it is not that ridiculous to use the example of a movie that is based on a true story to widen your intellectual horizon a bit!

    What other then a “a vicious overlord intent” – must have been the policies of the afrikaner nationalist minority regime, its race laws that were obviously inspired by the Nuremburg race laws which the Nazis introduced to discriminate the jews just before they were about to mass murder them and the random terror of its Wehrmacht and police force against innocents in the townships and in rural communities in the eyes of the victimised majority of South Africans?

    Also – though we only know the tip of the iceberg – it is clear that the afrikaner fascists also were researching weapons of mass destruction of biological and chemical origin to mass murder only non-pales!

    It is really strange that you obviously lack the most common knowledge about apartheid and its devastating effects on the majority of South Africans!

    @Kameraad Mhambi:
    like i did imply before: your views and opinions are interesting but they do not necessarily represent the experiences of those who were subjected to the ideology of racial superiority as a form of government.

    Steve Biko – like you probably know – was one of those who recognised the psychological problems linked to the condition of living in a colonialised society as the essential problem which the opressed individual and the opressed group has to deal with before a positive change can be achieved. So on this point your observation is pretty accurate and in conjunction with that of the victimised – Bikos and his followers idea of “Black Consciousness” gained wide acceptance and improved many peoples lives until he was murdered by the apartheid version of the Gestapo!

    I dont care about Viljoen – he is of no relevance for anybody today. Sad enough that you have to point at him when you want to name a resaonable person among the afrikaner-nationalists leadership! If this fascist general was the most reasonable person among the afrikaners political elite then who wonders about the consequences of such a leadership? In order to be more academically correct i could have called him “fascistoid” instead of fascist, but the message is the same: somebody who uses military and technological superiority to advance a highly discriminative political agenda based on the total control and exploitation of ethnic groups other then the one in power!

  32. Mk says:

    Ike, what is amusing about your clenched teeth tirade is that it makes your prejudice and hatred for whites, and especially Afrikaners so much clearer, the fact that you are a half-breed mongrel notwithstanding. Even I, without the benefit of any psychological training, can plainly see that the driving force behind your accusations and mouth-foaming is a desire for identity; a creole with no real connection to Africa or Europe, sort of stuck in limbo. As for being a backward-Afrikaner from a farm, I can only wish! I was raised in the city, both in South Africa and Europe, quite cosmopolitan; my opinions are not the fruit of a sheltered childhood, quite the opposite. Now why don’t you do everyone a favour and leave South Africa alone, its clear that you are simply a troll. The situation would be different if you were South African or had any ties with the country…

  33. afrikola says:

    @ Mk ,I am South African and have deep ties to it,yet as I immigrated(which I have not) I also had to forego my right to comment.Yet,as not much of a Libertarian dictating to others, it must be a psychological horror to look at your Grey Rhodesian/Congolese cosmopolitan puritanical Whiteness and see the forces of time having washed away the crumbs leading you back to your gingerbread castles in the jungles of the Congo or hearing the rumbles of the Chimurenga making you run in Rhodesia.You are the one with nothing to offer.After coming here on your high horse with your intellectual,urbane,cosmopolitan and pseudo Libertarian ideas,you have not come up with one answer to any of the questions ! Instead all you have done is spitting insidious venom around,so pack your bags for Zwickau and leave my Azania alone ! And as for being an ambassador for Orania,you have failed miserably,instead you have enforced every stereotype some people there have been trying so hard to disprove !

  34. Ike says:

    @ Mk
    Can’t you see how laughable it sounds when a white person who wants to be acknowledged as an “afrikaner” tries to tell another man that he has identity problems? Do you ever reflect yourself?

    A member of “the white tribe of Africa” trying to tell a dual citizen that he is not “african” because he has european roots – how much more ridiculous can it get?

    Followers of this “debate” have no problems in realising hat you are unable to argument on a reasonably base, that is: sharing your opinion with the audience and trying to prove the corretness of your point while other opinions might be expressed by other parties in the process!

    Also, just because i said you were white trash (which is my perception of you based on the racist and supremacist nature of your “contributions”), it doesn’t mean that all white people or all afrikaners are. Like i said before: even my family is white just as the majority of my friends are (since i live in a country with predominantly light skinned population) – they have nothing in common with you despite the paleness of their skin.

    I am a fool trying ro argument with somebody who is intellectually or willingly incapable. You don’t need psychological training – you need psychological counselling!

  35. Mk says:

    @Afrikola, bugger off, this band wagon is full, I finished my ‘debate’ with you and don’t wish to be exposed to your backward leftist rhetoric any longer. The fact that you refer to South Africa as ‘Azania’ completely and totally discredits anything further that you say, as well as anything you have already said. Using a black-power PAC ultra racist ‘no whites allowed’ name for South Africa typifies your kind and your ridiculous, nonsensical world view.

    @Ike, are you really asking me to believe that the fact that you are non-white makes you qualified to talk about South Africa? You are commenting about a country you have little knowledge at best about and even less understanding. You’re like those ‘African’-Americans who claim a connection with Africa because of the colour of their skin. You try to discount, vilify and demonise people with a very real and palpable connection to and love for Africa, one that is more than skin deep, because of their skin colour. Your perception, again, is that my comments are racist, yet a black South African who commented on this blog, does not seem to think so. You are truly pathetic, you accuse me of not reasoning and debating, yet everything you have said thus far is filled with bile and hatred, plainly ill-formed, non-factual, ignorant and biased vitriol! A kind of Jesse Jackson type preaching, full of accusation and twisted finger pointing; absolutely no debate or reasoning. If most of your friends are indeed white, I can be certain that there are not many of them, seeing as I can’t imagine someone as inherently unpleasant as you having more than one other person to vomit your bile onto.

  36. afrikola says:

    @Mk,Funny enough if you go to “About” at the top of the page you would come across a picture of Kameraad Mhambi,with his Motherland Azania bag slinging over his shoulder,and this has not for one moment stopped you using this platform for your foam mouthed fascist and racist vitriolics ! At the same time you can not see the irony of your use of Rhodesia in your muddled Grey matter,just like your Volks Poet could not see the irony of parading around in Khaki with wannabe Nazi insignia ! As I have said before,all alike, more hair than brains,so laughable how you suddenly use Ghetto Nerd as your foil after referring to “the ludicrous inane platitude that “We are all Human”and “Our Blood is All Red”just does not cut it.Of course not,he is most probably some Mud Creature and you some Israelite Uber Mensch with Volkisch ambitions in the Church of Jahweh ! Nkosi Sikelel iAfrika !

  37. Mk says:

    @Afrikola, last time you’re getting a reply from me, consider your sad little self lucky. First off, stop copying my phrasing, what are you, a 10 year old girl? Try rebutting with some originality please, do me at least that favour. Its easy to resort to unsubstantiated ad hominem attacks, or in your case the redirecting and paraphrasing of personally directed remarks, when you are of marginal intelligence. All you know about me is what I’ve told you, anything deeper, someone as stunted as yourself would have great difficulty gleaning. Your quip on Ghetto-nerd and my conversation makes me laugh, you are just a by the book lefty aren’t you? So stereotypical! Like most leftist whites you think you have the right to speak for non-whites?? What rock did you climb out from? I don’t believe people are equal, not even in my own race! You, for example, may be older than I but apart from that, what I can see of you, you are inferior in every way; that says more about you than about me!! I’ll give you the point about ‘Azania’, missed that gem of a picture, excuse me while I throw up.

    And finally to save any further response you feel the need to excrete, I leave you with the words of every large, sassy, black American woman waving her hand “You don’t know me!”

  38. Guys, if we can’t have a civil debate on this blog it would be a shame. Let’s lift the tone. Thanks.

  39. afrikola says:

    @Mk,All the the best and happy puking !

  40. Ike says:

    @ Mk (great nickname by the way: Viva Umkhonto We Sizwe!)

    My connection to South Africa is very real! I guess i have been to places in South Africa you will never dare to visit, places that represent the life-realities of the majority of South Africans (those you do not represent since you seem to be the advocate Hendrik Verwirrts policies)!

    Its funny how you weren’t able to reply with any rational arguments once again and i guess this will not stop you from repeating this pattern again and again – since you lack any decency!

    The only thing you proof is that sometimes melanine deficiency equals deficiency in intellect!

  41. Mk says:

    @Ike, may I refer you to my statement to Afrikola; you don’t know me! Make as many assumptions as you wish. By the way, it is Hendrik Verwoerd. You know neither where I have been nor what the level of melanin in my skin is. I can’t rebut blind hatred, its an exercise in futility, as is your attempt to claim any sort of upperhand regarding experience and first hand knowledge over a born and bred South African with at least 10 generations of family from Africa. Why don’t you better spend your time trying to prove that Beethoven was black or the Egyptians, Greeks and whatever else because I tire of responding to your inanity.

  42. Ike says:

    @Mk “Hendrik Verwirrt” translates into “Hendrik who is nuts” in the language that afrikaans is based on = German!

    Since this guy was really nuts – recreating the Nuremburg race laws in a country who`s populatiion in predominantly african is nothing that somebody who has a sane mind is likely to do – i use this nickname for your little version of Hitler!

    I’m not interested whether your forefathers robbed the from the indigenous people 10 generations ago or 3 generations ago. Its the continuation of their state of mind in your generation that worries me!

  43. Heya! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any issues with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing a few months of hard work due to no back up. Do you have any methods to protect against hackers?

  44. Moira Shearer says:

    I strongly support the idea of a “boerstaat”. When you’re all in one place it will be easier to polish the lot of you off. good riddance…

  45. Thanks Moira for your thoughtful & eloquent contribution.