The Boks are allright

Saturday 24 September 2011
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If any of you were reading Mhambi four years ago during the Rugby World Cup, you would have noticed how negative I was about South Africa. We won the tournament, but it did not lift my mood. No not at all.

Four years later and we don’t have a half bad team. In fact, in some respects its even better. But four years ago the agressive racial and purposefully unreflective debate – that the team were too white – even included threats of withholding visas by the minister of sport. Depressing stuff.

But its not on the rugby pitch that I see progress. It is the political climate that gives me glimmers of hope. Yes the country has huge problems with an incapacitated state, a corrupt government and huge inequality.

But South African politics is maturing. In a country like South Africa a populist like Julius Malema can wreak havoc. He has not. In fact institutions are prevailing just when we need them to. Crime figures are slowly improving year on year. Business is starting to wake up and realise that inequality is a time bomb and that they cant wait for government to fix the problem. Small victories have been made against a secrecy bill the government was hell bent on passing with its huge majority in parliament.

And then you find black South Africans Retweeting Tweets like this on Twitter.

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