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A cursory acquaintance with this blog is all that’s needed to know that I’m a fan of Die Antwoord. The creative crew from South Africa is releasing a new album soon, and that has me very excited. But after having listened to the first release, Fok julle naaiers, I’m not that impressed.

I don’t mind profanity. I love Wat kyk Jy, Rich Bitch, and the kinky trip that is Beat Boy. But this track is darker, aggressive in the extreme, and it has a section at the end which is rehash of a Mike Tyson derogatory outburst, which unlike previous tracks offer no cool counter points: the tongue in cheeck irony and pop catchiness.

Ninja has made a video to explain themselves. Hilarious. In case you don’t get it, the Simunye bit is a joke. South Africa has huge issues with race. And white blokes don’t call black ones nigger. Not unless they are looking for kak.

Anyway, here is video that Kameraad Penzhorn forwarded to me. It’s in yer face. In a liberating kind of way. It’s by Azealia Banks. And it bangs.

And this new collaboration between Adam Tempsta and South Africa’s Spoek is pretty cathy too.

Take note Die Antwoord, In the shock, dark and play with creepy crawly category we have this – but the music is – you guessed it…

Lastly I include this vid. The music is not quite my cup of tea, but I like the Ladies’s style. And the video was shot in my hood, picturesque Hackney.

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3 Responses

  1. Rustum Kozain says:

    I’m digging on that Azealia track; wish I understood more of the slang.

  2. Ja, Azealia – she’s hot property right now.

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