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On the unbearable whiteness of being

Samantha Vice’s paper on what it means to be white in South Africa has sent the South African Twitter buzzing. She sums up why this is pretty well herself: If we are a problem, we should perhaps concentrate on recovering and rehabilitating our selves. I shall suggest that because of peculiarities of the South African […]


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Just when you think there’s no more levels

Die Antwoord reaches a new one. This time they have teamed up with the king of uber disturbed US suburbia, Harmony Korine – to bring us a little short movie tilted Umshini Wam. For those of you unfamilar with South Africa, Umshini Wam is a song dating back from the struggle against apartheid, a favourite […]

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Tunisia Flag

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Tunisia & the technologies of freedom

A debate is raging about the contribution or not, of social media to revolutions. Malcolm Gladwell recently poured cold water on the idea. Social media did not require commitment and its unlikely to have a real impact on the “real world” he said: Facebook activism succeeds not by motivating people to make a real sacrifice […]


October 15 / / /

A tribute to my dad

My dad passed away last month. Three years ago I took him to watch the quarter finals of the rugby world cup in France. This is a little tribute to him. Interestingly enough, my dad was born during the great depression, and died during the current crisis. He was by no means a perfect man. […]

United Nations

June 6 / / /

Could internet access be a basic human right?

A UN report has declared internet access a basic human right, rallying against states disconnecting citizens. The UN is backed buy the street. Four out of 5 adults in a BBC survey believed that internet access is indeed a basic right. But on what basis could this be? If rights are basic and inalienable, how […]

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March 7 / /

Ikonoklasta and the rumbles in Angola

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog. I have however been very much active watching events in Libya and the rest of African unfold. Exciting times and its hard to track everything. Last night the video below caught my eye. It is of a rapper that goes by the name Ikonoklasta and […]

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December 5 / /

Thoughts on Wikileaks and the need for secrets

Our default position should be that truth and openness is good for societies. Only in very special circumstances should the public be denied information. This is why, in the past, when newspapers received these kinds of leaks that Wikileaks are now recieving, more often than not they published them. And democratic governments in the West […]


October 7 / / /

Die Antwoord goes phallic with evil boy

The long awaited collaboration by Die Antwoord with Diplo is out. The song is very good, although personally I prefer Ninja’s own production over Diplo’s. As for the content. There’s more phalluses than you can shake a stick at. The Xhosa rapping in the middle will cause quite a stir. None more so for the […]


May 18 /

I’m rooting for the DA today

Why? Helen Zille is an exceptionally brave, tenacious and rare politician and deserves all the plaudits she gets. When I interviewed the first white South African to refuse to serve in the SA army, Anton Ebehard said that the only journalist that came to visit him regularly, and support him, was Helen Zille. It was […]

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February 7 / / / / /

Wael Ghonim was admin of Khaled Said Facebook page

Wael Ghonim (http://twitter.com/ghonim), marketing manager for Google in the Middle East is the secret man behind the Khaled Said Facebook page, that played such an influential role in formenting protests in Egypt since the summer of 2010. Wael, who was just released this afternoon, gave an emotional interview – it even had me in tears […]

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November 2 / /

The meaning of Wat Kyk Jy?

If I had a dollar for every person that came to this blog every day off the back of the search “the meaning of Wat Kyk Jy” I could probably buy a juicy burger in my favourite burger bar every night. Anyway, here is DIE ANTWOORD: Wat kyk Jy is Afrikaans and literally translates to […]


August 17 / /

Call for programmers & an apology

First, today my blog sent you an email test by mistake. Apologies for that. Update on Meerkat We have made a more complete set of wireframes for the Meerkat project. If you know any developers that would like to work on a corruption reporting tool, point them our way.

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April 14 / / /

SA police bludgeons shoots protestor to death (Video)

The SA police shot a protestor at a very close range directly with what appears to be a rubber bullet (see second 16 and 17 of the clip) and then set upon him. The man called Andries Tatane died at the scene in the Free State town of Ficksburg yesterday. Here is a report from […]


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Tunisia was hit by a Facebook Tsunami

UK literary critic Sam Leith has dubbed Facebook the Reuters of Inanity: …a news agency for stuff nobody wants to know. “Dave is playing on Facebook. Dave is a bit annoyed. Dave is going for a drink. Dave has found a toothsome bit of cheese under the nail on his big toe.” What readers might […]


October 26 / / / /

Die Antwoord is maaifoedies?

What’s up with Die Antwoord? Are they authentic? And more specifically. Do they rip off other people’s work? We are all familiar with the first set of anti-Antwoord complaints. That they were disparaging Afrikaner culture. That they were appropriating and exploiting coloured culture. Snot, I said. They were a wonderful fusion of the two. So […]


July 20

Making sense of South African corruption

A few weeks ago Murray Hunter emailed me. How hard would it be to set up a tool to combat corruption he asked. Well I said, lets meet. It is something I have been thinking about for some time. Over a few beers we discussed the issue with Adriaan Pelzer. I was very much in […]

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